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Curchi Monastery

Monasteries of Moldova
Curchi monastic complex is located in one of the most scenic areas in the center of Moldova, in the neighborhood of the village Buzesti. It is placed on two terraces ad is surrounded by a wall with corner towers.

According to a legend, the monastery was founded in 1765 by Jordan Curchi, local inhabitant, who escaped from Tatar invasion with his brother Michael and the family of Buzesti priest. When Jordan Curchi decided to come back to his places, the widow of the priest persuaded him to take her children along. Curchi failed to guard them against Tatars and several years later, being racked by remorse, he founded a monastery at the place where he left the orphans.

The ensemble of the monastery consists of two churches: summer St. Dmitry Church, built on Jordan Curchi's money, and winter Blessed Virgin Birth Church, built later, at the beginning of the 19 th century. The winter church erected in 1810 is of a particular interest due to its peculiar design. The architects appealed to the best samples of classicism, at the same time giving their construction a distinct baroque touch.

Besides these, the monastic architectural ensemble includes nine buildings with cells and abbot's apartments, constructed at the beginning of the 20 th century, and a small stone water pool.

Formerly the monastery had a hotel, a school and an orphanage.

In 1995 Curchi monastery was reactivated and opened for visitors.



Chateau Vartely, 4*
Moldova, Orhei

4 hotel-type houses: 10/12 rooms: Twin - 3, Single - 1, Double - 2, VIP appartment - 4.

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 Purcari, 4*
Moldova, Stefan-Voda

8 deluxe rooms, from wich: DBL, SNGL and if necesary ExB.